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Loneliness Is Killing Our Seniors

There are thousands of seniors who are lonely, worried,
and are living in social isolation, and in addition, are
getting sicker and sicker and their doctors are at a loss
of what to do for them. You however, have the power to

If there was just one person out of the billions living on
this planet who you would like to see gain a friend…who
would it be? By getting them involved in the Active Lifestyle, Inc
program. If we are not in their location please call us and we
will see what we can do to get a program in their living facilities.

We know from scientific research and personal experience that
seniors who are lonely and not active will not on average, live
as as long as those who have active connections to life and to

The people  A. I. L. (Active Lifestyle, Inc.) are bringing Activity
to "where They Live" and are changing lives. The management
companies love our use of technology to bring activities to
their residents at a price they can afford. The residents love
the exercise, the socializing with new friends, the mind
strengthening exercising, the discussing interesting topics and
winning valuable gifts.
All of these people are someone's
fathers,  mothers and grand parents.
Active Lifestyle Inc. is bringing activity
to "Where they live"
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