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The A. L. I. Fitness Program was developed
in response to a 70 year old man being told
by his doctor that there was no medicine
any stronger than what he was already
taking. The doctor said "Mr. Keiser, you
have to get active and you have to lose
weight. Mr. Gordon Keiser, is the founder of
the company as well as the developer of the
A. L. I. Fitness Program. He then spent a
couple of years pouring over scientific
research, interviewed health care
professionals and former fat and sick

It turns out that the A. L. I.  Program is
really a way to regain your health, lose
weight and it works for people at any age.

The result is a process that allowed Mr.
Keiser to lose 40 pounds,10 inches around
the middle, and allowed his doctor to take
him off of most medicine. His doctor has
now lost 27 pounds and is a living example
to his patients.

Mr. Keiser spent the last year writing the
book and developing a workbook for those
that want to regain their health and vitality
and also for those who wish to teach this
great program to groups. You can get the
book from Amazon by searching for: "
The Silly
Things That Make Us Sick, Fat and Old"

You can find out more about the program and
buy the book by going to our website at:
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